WARNING // Only 18+ // Explicit Content.
If you’re easily offended, don't visit this blog.

I'm a gay guy with a fetish for shiny smooth
nylon gear, especially bomberjackets and downjackets. So here you'll find many pics of hunks wearing just that!

In real life I'm a nice mild peaceful guy;
Anti-racist, Anti-fascist, Anti-violence.
The perfect son in law, of course, why not.
But everyone has darker horny fantasies.
Mine are about Skinheads, Nazis, Dominance, Violence, Suffocation, Torture, Snuff and even Executions. I like to share that kind of nasty stuff here.

Again: If you’re easily offended;
Get out of here!

I love the nasty types of sex
like Forced Entries, Cumeating, Rape,
Breath Controle, Choke-Fucking and
Nose Pinching. So a lot of that stuff here too.

I like photoshopping. You'll find some homemade art of my nasty sexual fantasies and pictures of guys and celebrities I shopped into hot shiny smooth nylon gear.

Hope you'll like it and share it with me!